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Google Plus - The latest innovations from the king of the search engine world with its newest product google plus re-create the scene cyberspace. In addition to the many media every second to give the news of Google Plus, the primary mission of Google's social networking presence is to drop up stating that their users until now reaches approximately 700 million users worldwide. After reading the summary of information about Google Plus, aalil.com have concluded that there are some features of G + which until now has not owned by FB.
Here's more about what are the advantages of google plus:
1. Surely integration with Google services.
2. Management has a Better Friend.
3. More Easy to Find Things To Shared.
4. Users Can Take Back The data seiap time.
5. Better Photo labels.
6. The Group Chat feature Steady.
7. Safe Share Content.
8. Google Better take care of Personal Data.

Google + (Plus Google) has been warmed up with a way to spread the +1 button a few months ago in any search results where users when searching in a state of the new gmail login on this feature can be seen. For members of the G + while it is still limited by invitation only. If the previous google also throws new products such as Google and Google Buzz Wave, but lacking much demand, with the presence of Google Plus is able to gain success in the future?
How to List of Google Plus

1. Required to have an email that is owned by google gmail.com, if you do not have please register first.
2. Next Visit https://plus.google.com/up/start/?sw=1&type=st address
3. In this step please click the Keep Me Posted and Please input First name and email already exists.
4. Please make friends as much as possible.

But because at this point google plus still using the invite system and the number of users is still limited, so please be patient until google plus later how to list free to have anyone

Google Plus

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  1. Everything looks good except getting the invite part. Many sites like skipser offer free google plus invites. But it would have been much better if there was a simple sign up.

  2. temanya bagus banget mas???

  3. Google Plus will dominate all feature of social networking sites ever seen.