Lunar Eclipse : Google Doodle

Lunar Eclipse or Eclipse of the moon occurs when part or the whole cross section of months covered by the shadow of the earth. That happens when the earth is between the sun and moon on the same straight line, so that sunlight can not reach the moon because blocked by the Earth (Wikipedia).

Total lunar eclipse that happened last night enough attention many circles because it was a spectacular event (cycles can be up to hundreds of years) due to the occurrence of an eclipse takes a long time so that the observers could monitor it freely. Partial lunar eclipse that began at 1:23 pm until 5:02 pm, in the span of a total lunar eclipse took place starting at 2:22 pm until 4:03 pm and can be seen with the naked eye throughout Indonesia (unfortunately I forgot to watch).

Google often capture important moments also display it in a Google Doodle on the front lawn. When you open the Google main page, visitors will be able to see the movement of the lunar eclipse of the moon that had been white, becoming reddish black, and back to white. To see the details (particulars) you simply shift the pointer that is under the heading Google.

Lunar Eclipse : Google Doodle

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