Accelerating the process of how we Computers

Nothing wrong with using a computer is. Of course, there are risks. For example, computers were increasingly slow. While care has been started. Both the driver update, delete junk files, and various other routine maintenance..
Or maybe the computer is running stable, but the resulting sound is very disturbing. Problems burning CDs sometimes too upset. Moreover, for example, the CD was to be used on the audio in the car..
Sebel indeed if the PC does not obey our will as the owner. All the problems that may arise as above caused a wild PC. As horses from the meadow, before being used must be tamed first. For us to avoid the inconvenience ride.
The following will explain how to cope with various problems when using a PC, both at home and at work. We also added a way to save e-mail data. Good luck!.
1. Fast Booting and lighten the CPU loadOver time, over time the PC was getting slower and 'heavy'. What can be done to address them?
* The first step to accelerate the boot via the BIOS. To learn more, you can see it in "the smoke-screen BIOS" in the PC Media 04/2004 ago.* Next start the operating system area. For Windows XP, start by opening the System Configuration Utility. On the BOOT.INI tab, mark (P) on "/ NOGUIBOOT". This will shorten the boot time by removing the Windows startup screen. On the Startup tab, re-selection to a minimum which badly needed items. The same was done on the service running. Keep the number of services including load no more than 25.* Windows XP does look so stunning in appearance. If your primary need is speed, not beauty, resetting this interface can increase the speed. Go to System Properties, select the Advanced tab. Resetting the Performance option. Then select "Adjust for Best Performance" in the Visual Effects tab.* Removes wallpaper and minimizing the number of desktop icons also can speed up your PC. Reduce the number of desktop icon to a maximum of five fruit.* Eliminate the sound on the Windows Start event will also speed up the boot process. Want even faster? Choose "No Sounds" in the sound scheme.* How many fonts installed on your Windows? More and more number of fonts installed will increase your PC's workload. Windows by default include a number of less than 100 fonts. Keep the number of fonts installed on the range of 150 fonts.* You diligently to update the drivers? Good. But you know, the files that use the old drivers to slow down your PC. The easiest way to use additional utilities such as Driver Cleaner. This utility clean up the previous ATI and Nvidia drivers. Driver Cleaner 3.0, also can clear old drivers some motherboard chipsets, sound cards, and others.
2. OverclockThis is the most interesting part. In this section we will guide overclocking, relying on some software that can be downloaded free from the internet.
Overclock Video CardOverclocking the video card, it is relatively easy especially with PowerStrip.
* You can use PowerStrip by downloading from www.entechtaiwan.net.* Set the configuration of the performace profile, by right clicking on tray icon.* You will see two vertical slider. Slider left, core speed control for the video card. Right slider is the control of the speed of memory your video card.* Add a video card core speed gradually (up to 2 MHz). Perform the stability test by playing 3D games or running benchmarks. Repeat this until the maximum core speed of the video card. Do the same for the memory clock. Now you can enjoy a new frame rates faster for free.
Overclock MotheboardTo overclock the motherboard is slightly different. You have to adjust the application in accordance with the motherboard chipset. Here we take two examples overclocking motherboard. First is the motherboard with nForce2 chipset.
* For motherboard with nVidia chipset, you can take advantage NV system utilities applications from www.nvidia.com.* In this application, just move the slider to the right on the bus speeds. It will also adjust the FSB clock memory bus. For the AGP bus, available on a separate slider.* There are also settings for memory timing control. More aggressive memory settings will be beneficial for AMD systems.* Just like the video card, you must add gradually FSB and AGP bus. Run a stability test. Once completed, you can end by clicking the button (OK). Note: when OC you do not match, then the computer will automatically hang and had to restart the computer.
The motherboard is Intel's second D875PBZ. Using the Intel Desktop Control Center, unfortunately this utility only runs on Intel motherboards.
* To do the OC, you can do it automatically.* You can also manually. In Tune menu located at the top, select the option Burn-in, burn-in enable mode.* There are a host I / O mode and AGP / PCI mode. On the Host I / O mode, the OC is based on the percentage to 4%. While the AGP / PCI mode, raising the AGP bus clock that automatically increase the PCI clock.
* After the addition, you can measure stability. By doing stress-it note on the bottom left of the application with a check mark
3. Processor UpgradeBefore buying a new processor, make sure that your motherboard can support your new processor candidates (see table "Chipset and Processor Support"). Also, make sure also the maximum FSB for the processor that your motherboard can support. It is also associated a lot with the chipset used on your motherboard.
As an example for the Intel processor. Chipset Intel 845 series has only a maximum of 533 MHz bus. Unlike the 848 or 875P Intel chipset that is capable of working with a processor with 800 MHz bus.
This also applies to AMD processors. Like the VIA KT400 is not yet able to work with 400 MHz processor bus. Unlike the KT600 is already able to work on a 400 MHz processor bus.
There is also a good idea to make sure you use the motherboard manufacturers provide BIOS updates on its website. Especially BIOS update for the latest processor speed. BIOS update is required if the old BIOS does not support your motherboard (usually) the latest processor multiplier.
4. An easy way Ripping CDsAlthough you already use applications and other methods as the mainstay for Audio CD ripping, but it never hurts to try other alternatives. Who knew the results would be much better than you have been doing. Moreover, the software we offer here you can use for free.
If you want to have a collection of MP3 music with good quality fruit we give some tips. Where the key lies in three components, namely:
* A ripping program that will not allow extraction of a bad result. This means you do not need to check one by one re-ripping the file generated manually.* MP3 encoder is good and able to produce audio data of good quality with compressed audio files that are also good.* The process of ripping the audio of his own is quite easy to do.
With a fairly simple process, you will be able to do the ripping process by using the LAME encoder. Including how to set the name, number, and the tags of all the existing tracks with ease.
Download EAC and LAME EncoderWhich will be used here is a software that is quite impressive. That is Exact Audio Copy (EAC), download the application on www.exactaudiocopy.de.
Unlike other ripping applications, EAC can do a re-examination of every bit of data with source data. The goal is to obtain a high level of accuracy that can approach the original Audio CD. If the application is to find a difference, then the application will do the ripping again and again if necessary.
Of course it will slow down the ripping process itself. But with a view of the results obtained, it is no longer a problem. Keep in mind, re-ripping process will only be done if there is a difference. Could be due to a scratched CD, or any copy protection on CDs in question.
You will also need the LAME encoder, which encoder has been known for a long time as the best MP3 encoder ever. Until now, the newest version is LAME 3.95.1. You can download it at http://mitiok.cjb.net. Once you get both these applications, do the process Unzip and save into a folder the same. This is done to facilitate the search when you first use the EAC application.
Configuring EACHere are the things you should consider when trying to use EAC. There are only a few things that need to be reconfigured, but the important thing to do.
1. At the moment they first use the application, the EAC will perform an initial process drive test. Select Optimization for "accurate results". If you have more than one optical drive, the EAC will choose the best drive as its default drive. But you can just change it. EAC will also configure LAME. EAC will start by trying to find LAME on your drive. It would be easier if you give the location of the LAME folder manually. Then select "standard" for LAME settings. Finally choose the Expert interface option, here's where the strength of this EAC. Because of this option you can maximize employment application.2. Select EAC | EAC Options Menu | General and give a check mark (P) on "On Unknown CDs." Then click on the "Automaticaly access online freedb database", if the PC you connect to the Internet. If you ask for? This is to synchronize data CD album (artist name, album title, and the title song) from the database available on the Internet. But if the PC is not connected to the internet or a database of your CDs are not available, you have to fill in tag info of each song manually.3. Still from the menu, select the Filename section. On the Naming scheme write% A% C% N -% T. This will affect the location of the folder from the extracted data files that you do. Starting from the name of the artist (% A), the album name (% C), track number (% N), and finally the title track (% T). As in this example: BonJovi> TheseDays> 01-Diamond.mp34. Select the directories are still from the same menu. Select the section "Use this directory" with so EAC will automatically enter the extract into the directory you have given them.5. Entrance to the EAC menu | Drive Options. Then give it a mark on "Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information". This is to further maximize the ability of your optical drive for ripping this. Usually by default, this option has been enabled by the EAC. But if after doing ripping it turns out you have noise-noise that sounded in a constant tempo, disable this option. Usually this will resolve the issue.6. Log on the menu EAC | Compression Options menu. Select on the External Compression and make sure the LAME MP3 encoder is shown in the "Parameter passing scheme". If not displayed, do the selection manually.7. Still on the same menu, enter in the "Bit Rate" and select Variable bitrate to 192 Kbps. But if your computer is not capable of sampling up to 192 Kbps, 128 Kbps probably good enough.8. Entrance to the EAC | freedb options and confirm your e-mail address. But again, if you do not connect to the internet it is not necessary.
Start OperationNow you are ready to operate the EAC and started doing the ripping process. Insert an audio CD you have and click on the MP3 which is located on the left top. After completing the ripping, try to check the results of ripping. If not heard anything, there is a mistake, do the examination of the settings you have specified earlier. If you find that the setting is correct, try downloading ASPI layer that can be obtained from ftp://ftp6.nero.com/wnaspi32.dll. Because you will not be able to do the ripping without the ASPI layer in your computer system. Put that file in the same directory with the EAC and LAME earlier. Repeat the process once again ripping.
If you are having trouble, try to get in on www.chrismyden.com site and click on the "Elite DAE", where there is a forum that provides answers to all these questions that exist.
5. Burning a CD with PerfectTo get the perfect CD burning is in fact not an easy thing. Here are some easy tips to fix the results of burning CDs.
* As audio CD burning, burning process should be done at a maximum speed of 24x. If the CD is intended to set the CD player in car audio systems should be at a maximum speed of 4x. This is to avoid compatibility issues with CD player and system error correction contained on audio CDs (especially for car audio systems). The process of burning will be longer, but the result is guaranteed.* 'Finalize' CD burning results. It is also related with compatibility for most CD players.* Use good quality CD media. One way by relying on the media from famous brands. Or you can select it from the reviews that exist in the print media and internet.* Always use the mode Disc-at-Once (rather than Track-at-Once). Multisession have a degree to a lower compatibility compared with a single session.* If you create a CD "mix", make sure to normalize the volume levels on each track. Some burning software provides this facility. Or you can do it yourself (with better results) to use MP3Gain, which can be downloaded at www.geocities.com/mp3gain.
6. Ssstttt ... do not be noisy!MP3 rebound sound really good to hear your collection. Hear the roar of the cars from the scene in the movie, whistling shots from the game on your PC to add exciting atmosphere. But the buzz generated sound of your PC, not a pleasant thing to hear. Especially if you include people who rarely turn off the PC, even if asleep. I could have your dream become a nightmare visited by giant bees because we heard the buzz created by your PC. How do I eliminate them? Any component on a PC that noise?
Optimize your PC CoolingFan indeed become the main weapon most PCs to expel heat from the components. However, the fan is also a culprit as well as a noise which produces a constant buzz on your PC. Try to count only the total fan installed on your PC. One of HSF (heatsink fan) processor, a built-in power supply. Not to mention if the motherboard is equipped with the chipset HSF, HSF GPU (graphics processor unit) on the video card. You who put the coolness on your PC's case most of the added ranging from 1 piece of fan up to 2-4 extra fan to ensure air flow on the casing. Not to mention the fun spoil harddsik (let alone a high RPM), sometimes add a hard drive cooler, which means an additional fan anymore.
If you are looking for an additional fan, try looking for a quality fan with low noise level. A good fan does not generate a lot of vibration during operation. Large-diameter fan has a tendency to produce lower noise level. So if your casing allows, select the fan size of 120 mm than 80 mm fan.
If you already have a fan that a lot, try to make sure which ones are most appropriate for your case. The way is easy. Capitalize hardware monitoring program, such as Motherboard Monitor. The utility has a view display (called the Dashboard), which is very easy to read. Even available also log readings over time. To monitor the temperature of the hard drive, can take advantage of HDD Thermometer 1.0.
Find the most appropriate combination of fan cooling with the most optimal level. Try running a PC with a full load (while playing games or running applications that are heavy) for not less than 15 minutes. See the maximum temperature recorded on the Motherboard Monitor. Compare the value with a combination of additional fan to another. Choose which one you think is best between the amount of fan noise level generated, adjusting to the environment. If any fans left, make it just as a backup if there are fans who suffered damage.
Note from us: have agitated if your processor temperature never reached the range of 50 ยบ C.
Drag force on the streets means death. But on your PC, drag means extra noise. Especially for your optical drives and hard drives. Does not mean you have to put up with slow PC. It's just set your PC's speed according to need.
For optical drives, is easy enough. Simply relying on DriveSpeed ​​Nero 2.0 software. Adjust the speed in the range 24-32x. You can even set the length of time before your optical drive spin down. Currently require a high speed on your optical drive, stay to restore the settings on maximum speed. This will be required when the optical drive used for ripping or copying files from CD / DVD.
Likewise for your hard drive. Unfortunately, this does not apply in all brands of hard drives. For example, as for the Maxtor hard drive with AMSET utilitinya, or hard drive with IBM-Hitachi Feature Tool. Adjust the settings with the noise level according to your wishes.
OtherNoisy sound from your computer can also occur due to vibration generated. Fan with poor quality may be one cause. Try to get a fan with minimal vibration. Screws are not installed properly also cause sound vibrations. That is enough to tighten the screws are installed on your PC.
WatercoolingIf you're really fed up with the buzzing noise from your PC, it's time to switch to other cooling alternatives. Watercooling method can be used as an alternative option.
Techniques in brief watercooling can be analogous to the cooling of motor vehicles using a cooling radiator. Watercooling utilize water to cool the heat generated PC components, especially processor. Usually consists of three main parts, water block, copper radiators, and water pump. Process cooling water as cooling medium conducted on copper radiator, while utilizing water circulation water pump. Water block attached to the processor to expel the heat generated.
The advantage, the resulting noise level is very low. Fan on the radiator to work on RPM is not too high so it is not noisy. Water pump is not noisy, and this is because using water to dampen the sound produced. Solution suitable for the search of efficient CPU cooling with low noise level.
Noteworthy is the possibility of leaks that can occur when using the method of this watercooling. In addition, the price is still relatively more expensive compared to the HSF cooling method makes the watercooling is not an option for most computer users.
7. Improve Airflow in chassisJust like a house, computer case needs good air circulation. The aim assist for the air inside the casing is not too hot.
* Tidy up in the cable casing. Messy cables will hamper the flow of air in the casing. Binding, one of the most effective way to tidy up the cable. Combine a cable and tied with plastic straps or wire ties. Try not to tie it with rubber bands. Casing hot temperatures will make the rubber band plastic deformation and eventually break up.* For IDE and FDD cables that you can do is replace it with a round cable. Round cable IDE cable to reduce cross-section more or less air resistance in your casing. Not interested to buy it? You can outsmart your conventional IDE cable with a rolled and tied. Can the straps or wire ties.* To create additional fentilasi, can with moding casing. Unfortunately, this is less interesting for that is not a hobby. Alternatively, you can open PCI slot that is still closed.* Place extra exhaust fan on the top of the casing. Logically, the heat will always be at the top, so that effective fan to remove hot air trapped in the casing.
8. An easy way to clean your PCStart by unplugging all the cables attached to the computer, such as power cables and monitor.
* Place the casing on the floor with a coated fabric or carpet.* Open the cover of the casing and use the air compressor to remove dust.* You also can use a vacuum cleaner, to maximize the cleaning.* Clean the outside of the monitor, using a clean cloth. For the monitor, use a soft cloth. If you use a liquid cleanser, preferably sprayed onto the cloth.* Suck dust off the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush.* For nonoptikal mouse, remove the screws on the bottom of the mouse and remove the ball. Clean the dirt on the spin and the ball.* Clean the outside casing using a soft cloth and cleaning fluid.
9. Replace the air filter in the casingThis is to maintain the cleanliness of your casing. Surely you should pay attention to the materials used for if the material used is not good, then you will experience new problems which the airways are blocked.
* You need to install it on the front intake fan. You can just put the filter on all the fan. But most importantly here is the installation of filters on the fan that provides air intake, where the dust is usually participate in..* Alternative materials are cheap and easily obtained foam motherboard. The form is thin and wide, ideal for use as a water filter. Cut to size and attach with tape or doubletape.
10. Do not miss the news with RSS AggregatorThere are programs known as RSS Aggregator. RSS aggregator program itself is an application that allows us to see the headlines along with links to news content from a site's news provider. The way is easy.
* Use RSS Aggregator. For example, the program i-System that can be obtained at www.feedreader.com.* Determine the news source that you want. For instance, from Yahoo News or Detik.Com. However, some local sites tend to protect the contents of his headline. By default, the i-System already provides many links to sites that provide RSS or so-called RSS feeds. Click the New icon on the toolbar. After the show a dialog box RSS address, fill with RSS source site address of your choice. Click Next and follow the steps.* Feedreader will automatically check the latest headlines and display it on your desktop. You also can set the time interval, when feedreader should check and display the latest headlines or refresh time. However, based on ethics in the Internet world, there is a minimum time to refresh the RSS, which is 90 minutes.
11. Backing up data in OutlookHow sad if our Outlook data just disappear. Could be due to Windows crashes or other causes beyond previous estimates. To address them, back up all folders in Outlook periodically. There are a few tips you need to understand to prevent data in Outlook just disappear.
* Back-up manually by using the Export command under the File menu. Select Export to File option from the dialog box that appears. Then select the option Personal Folder File (. Pst). Specify the folder you want in the back-ups and all storage locations. We recommend to also make back-ups on CD.* You also can back up its data using Outlook Archive. How, select the Tools menu, choose Options. In the dialog box that opens, open the Other tab and click the AutoArchive button. Specify the new storage location and click OK. Move the location where the files in Outlook to prevent data loss if the operating system come damaged. Better yet, if the storage is separate from the original location of the partition. For example, on drive D or drive other than C.* Microsoft also has a free add-ins to back-up automatically. The name of the add-in is the Personal Folders Backup can be obtained

Accelerating the process of how we Computers

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